Sunday, August 07, 2005

Food Blogs in the Press (well not really)

I loved this slamming review of the softball non-journalism practiced by the big boys, recycling boring non-stories and pandering to their corporate daddies. Kiplog is a funny guy...

"Food blogs in the press (well not really)

Byte this! Why food blogs are a powerful tool "More and more, supermarket consumers are using blogs to share tips and information. Phil Lempert looks at this phenomenon" Absolutely worthless article. I'd like to get paid doing "journalism" like this. Editor: "Hey Phil, do an article on food blogging for us. Mention what it was like before blogging, mention Matt Drudge to sound like you've heard of or read a blog, don't do any research or try to find out if blogs really have had an effect on food consumerism, don't cite any examples or come up with any stats, and don't bother linking to any discussions or anything going on that might change food buying habits or educate readers into being smarter or more conscientious consumers. And don't bother giving an example of one of the hundreds of regional blogs that give readers a massive amount of knowledge on food shopping and restaurant choices in their area."

Why are people in the news media so afraid of linking? "


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