Saturday, March 11, 2006

On the Edge of Brilliance

Matt Griffin is a modern day Edison, only he knows how to bake the best brownies!

This month, the featured Artisan's Corner article on The Gilded Fork is the sweet tale of how Matt decided to build a better mouse trap, only in this case, it's a better way to have more of those crispy "edge brownies":

"Seven years ago I was pretty much like every other guy in his twenties: good at eating food, but not great at creating it. This wasn’t a problem until I moved away from friends and family to start my career. Without food within “mooching distance,” I was forced to learn how to make a few things, and brownie connoisseur that I was, began my first foray into box-mix brownies. However, when I baked them (or anything for that matter), I always got the same lackluster results: The edges would finish baking long before the center, and while the edge brownies were perfect, the center was still in “batter format.” If I waited for the center to finish, the edges dried out. As a guy strapped for cash, yet blessed with a hearty appetite, wasted servings were not an option; and as a corner brownie lover, I would typically just sacrifice the centers for edge perfection – which didn’t leave a great taste in my mouth.

One evening, while eating a corner brownie I had just baked, it struck me that a simple redesign of the conventional baking pan could make all servings edge brownies, and eliminate the undercooked middle entirely. The Baker’s Edge was born – a pan with additional walls that would work to distribute heat evenly to every serving."

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