Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dream Job: Google Chef

I remember reading the job listing a few weeks ago. Google, the internet search company, was looking for an Executive Chef for it's Bay Area Corporate Campus. This is a primo job, where the empployees get free breakfast, lunch and dinner. I dreamt for a few moments about what it would be like to have such a dream job, before I got scared of just how much work and responsibility it would entail. I was really thrilled, then, to see this article, written by Chef Steve Petusevsky, one of the lucky chosen semi-finalists, so I could have a dreamy glimpse inside this cherry job.

"I was shown to the kitchen to begin my food preparation for the following day's preliminary battle. It's a large, well-equipped kitchen with dozens of cooks. The food prepared here is a benefit for Google employees, whose average age is 25. Unlike a traditional restaurant where stringent food and labor costs dictate the menu, this is a chef's Disneyland where food is born of inspiration and pure love of cooking.

The food is served to thousands of well-educated and savvy foodies. Many of the ingredients are organic and locally grown. There is every imaginable seasonal produce item, the finest natural meats and poultry, fresh fish, lobster, rock shrimp and organic tofu -- both Japanese and Chinese.

For my trial, I was told to make a soup, salad, appetizer, entree, vegetarian entree and dessert. I prepared Steve's Google-icious Menu: edamame hummus, Bahamian chicken chowder, sun-dried tomato agnolotti with roasted mushroom fra diavolo sauce, Indonesian seared rock shrimp salad with Asian slaw, Ligurian stuffed petrale sole, giant baked stuffed portobellos with asiago cheese, baked tofu with mango-macadamia crust, streusel stuffed plums with candied ginger and balsamic pomegranate reduction."

I can't wait to read what the other chefs made!


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