Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Duck Stops Here

My friend Jennifer Iannolo, Publisher of Gastronomic Meditations, at once a lovely food aesthete and champion of individual liberties and the rights of man, has written the best editorial yet on the subject of the Foie Gras Wars.

"Chefs are now presenting themselves en masse, explaining the process of gavage, and attempting to educate the public — in other words, giving their clientele the kind of information required to make their own decisions. Your citizens do not need the Nanny State to hold their hands through the process.

I am amazed that in a country where the government cannot manage to get relief quickly enough to its own starving people in the midst of a disaster, a top-of-mind issue is whether or not ducks are being treated humanely enough."

As I've been saying, It's about personal choice and responsibility. The biggest problem with government "protecting" us is that they model no responsibility themselves. We as Americans have a duty to take responsibility for our actions on ALL levels or life, personal and public, and stop blaming others and expecting others to take responsibility for us.

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