Wednesday, March 22, 2006

CPN featured in Seattle Post Intelligencer

Hsiao Ching Chou, food editor of the Seattle Post Intelligencer, and one of our Culinary Podcast Network members, has featured the CPN in her latest article.

Anyone who has scrolled through the food podcast queue in iTunes knows there are too many choices, a good portion of which are as appealing as sitting in a windowless room with a just-cracked durian.

But, with last week's launch of the Culinary Podcast Network, subscribing to worthwhile "gastrocasts" is now a matter of linking to a single feed.

CPN is the brainchild of Mark Tafoya, who owns a personal chef service called ReMARKable Palate in New York and podcasts a show of the same name. Tired of drowning in the sea of nondescript podcasts, Tafoya decided he would provide a platform for the "cream of the crop."

"(It's) a one-stop source for all the best-quality, food-related podcasts out there," Tafoya says.

There are two ways to access this superfeed: either by visiting www.culinarypodcast or by subscribing through iTunes. So far, there are nine members, including ReMARKable Palate (which was mentioned in the January issue of Bon Appetit magazine), Gastrologica, Jim's Kitchen, Eat Feed, On Food (yes, I'm a member, too), and All You Can Eat, which is hosted by Don Genova in Vancouver, B.C.

Genova, whose background is in radio, recently was nominated for a James Beard Award in the new webcasts category. Congrats to him.

Read the full article at the Seattle PI website.


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