Thursday, August 03, 2006

Chef Mark Featured on the Paper Palate

I am so honored to have been featured in an interview with Julie Strekert at the Paper Palate, part of the Well Fed Network. She had many kind words to say about me:

It is immediately obvious that a certain discernable passion consumes Chef Mark Tafoya. His dedication and sincere personal commitment to the culinary arts is evidenced in his many diverse projects. He possesses a unique vision and strong determination to inspire and communicate through cuisine. To realize the broad expanse of his considerable personal achievement is to appreciate his versatility. Chef Tafoya holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in French Literature and Theater Studies from Yale University (He spent ten years acting in New York), and he is also a Certified Personal Chef and graduate of the Culinary Business Academy. His expansive culinary knowledge results from his extensive travels, while obtaining training and experience from accomplished chefs throughout the world.

Chef Tafoya is the Executive Chef and Culinary Editor for The Gilded Fork, the stylish online culinary magazine that also produces The Culinary Podcast Network. Featuring food writing that remains unconcerned with the newest trends and latest noise within the culinary industry, The Gilded Fork focuses instead on the more epicurean aspects of the culinary experience. It explores the essence of the food itself, accentuating the ingredients, science, and most importantly, the taste and sensual appreciation of global cuisine. The Culinary Podcast Network, founded by Chef Tafoya, is the premier online network of collected food podcasts. The network showcases podcasts from various culinary professionals, including Chef Ming Tsai.

Read the rest of the article, including the question and answer session, HERE

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At 10:30 PM, August 03, 2006, Blogger Ovens2Betsy said...

Great interview Mark! Keep me posted on those culinary tours -- I'll be one of the first to sign up!


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