Saturday, September 23, 2006

Farmer's Market Saturday: First day of Fall

The first full day of fall is here, and the light rain fell this morning, leaving a cool mist on all the grass here in Inwood. The greenmarket was abuzz with shoppers wanting to get at all the great stuff on offer. We're experiencing the changeover from Summer to Fall with the remaining summer fruits and vegetables, and a few of the great variety of fall apples and root vegetables.

Samascott Orchards always has a wonderful variety of fruits on hand, like these precious little prune plums. Look at that great price!

They also had these tiny little seckle pears, which are like "mini-me" pears. As the sign said, they are "sweet and crisp, both hard and soft", and only $1.50 per pound. Because they are great hard, you can dice them up into a fine brunoise, toss them with a splash of sherry vinegar and use them as a last garnish for a salad.

Who doesn't love a nice red radish? You can slice these babies up thin and use as a garnish for an hors d'oeuvre, or just enjoy them quartered in a salad.

Finally, there was a BRISK trade going on at the booth of Heartland Creamery Farms! These people couldn't wait to get at that great artisanal farm-made cheese.

Speaking of cheese, we're exploring the cheese board as our indulgence this month at The Gilded Fork. We'll be bringing you articles about creating a cheese course for your meal, and featuring several recipes we've accumulated over the past couple of years featuring cheese.

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