Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Letter from Jean-Louis Gérin

This is a letter from our friend Jean-Louis Gérin:

Friends and chers amis,
I am sending you this personal email as I am very concern/disgusted/appalled by yet another attempt by the anti-meat extremist to ban Foie Gras eating and farming. It was all fun and entertaining as long as they preach their non-sense in other states ... unfortunately they are attacking Connecticut. I have included an eloquent email from Nick Maduros. It follows my notes. He and I are begging you to read it.

I will be present and speaking at the hearing on Wednesday and once again I will be expressing my concern about anybody telling this chef what he can or can not cook.

Furthermore as a patriotic American, I am more upset by all the Connecticut children who go to bed starving and I am more upset about all our young military dying in Iraq, than I am of the unproven discomfort of a duck, as Nick's email will clarify and prove.

I never had a duck come to me and complain but I see hungry children when I visit soup kitchens. CNN is definitely giving me graphic images of our youngsters dying while fighting for us ... not for the ducks.

Jean-Louis Gerin -
Animal and children lover - Enemy of stupidity.

Here is the text of Nick Maduros letter;

Protect the right to eat and farm foie gras in Connecticut. State Representative Diana Urban has introduced a bill (Proposed Bill Number 6866) that would ban both the sale and production of foie gras in Connecticut. Don’t politicians have better things to do than dictate what their own constituents can and can’t eat? And shouldn’t our elected leaders be helping our farmers stay in business and on their land?

We need your help. The State’s Joint Committee on the Environment will be holding a hearing on the ban this coming Wednesday, February 21. Please take a few minutes to call your State Representative and State Senator. (To find your representatives, go to Tell them you’re opposed to any ban on foie gras. Also, please contact these key leaders to let them know how you feel.

* Representative James A. Amann

Speaker of the House
(860) 240-8500

* State Senator Donald E. Williams, Jr.

President Pro Tempore
(860) 240-8600

* Representative Richard Roy

Co-Chair of the Committee on the Environment
(860) 240-8585

* State Senator Bill Finch

Co-Chair of the Committee on the Environment
(860) 240-0447

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