Thursday, March 15, 2007

Les mamelles de Josephine..

An email from our friend Jean-Claude Baker of Chez Josephine:

Mes Amis,

The saga of Josephine's bare bosom continues....

After New York 1 and Page Six, now Cindy Adams in her column of Tuesday, March 13th joins the fight...

To celebrate his 21st year on Theater Row, Jean-Claude Baker sent his clientele postcards with drawings of mama as she decorated a magazine cover in 1925, an era when novelist Georges Simenon, Josephine's lover, called her derriere - and other assorted parts - "the toast of tout Paris". The photo features feathers and jewels, but a bare bosom. The post office called it porn, dirty, sexually explicit, and disallowed the postcards. Now, Donna Liberman, ACLU executive director, has gotten involved. This is to tell the U.S. mail, if they don't know it yet, Mademoiselle Josephine Baker's son is lodging a lawsuit. Jean-Claude vs. the post office. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor bras....

I would also like you to know that mama's warm welcome is expecting you at Chez Josephine on Easter Sunday and of course Mother's Day.

By the way, the Zagat NYC Restaurant Survey has begun taking ballots.
Don't forget to vote!
As always, de tout coeur,

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