Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gilded Fork at Home™

Jennifer and I recently prepared a dinner for 8 people in a luxury loft in SoHo, and it was the first of our new Gilded Fork At Home™ customized tasting dinners. The evening was a special gathering of friends, a relaxed exploration of sensual foods, wine and salsa dancing! The menu was a special combination of our Gilded Fork recipes paired with wines that the host wanted to feature from his cellar.

First Course
Vietnamese Vegetarian Summer Rolls

Fennel, Orange and Zereshk Salad with Fig Vincotto

Main Course
Seared Scallops with Vanilla Champagne Crème and Haricots Verts

Framboise Chocolate Mousse with Whipped Cream and Lace Cookies

Our Gilded Fork at Home™ events are currently available in the New York Metro area, but we are building a network of chefs throughout the country. If you'd like to have a Gilded Fork at Home™ Dinner Party or Cooking class in your home, please contact us at

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

ReMARKable Palate Podcast #45

#45: Chinatown with Vic and Ben, pt 1

Chef Mark explores NYC'c Chinatown with Vic Cherikoff and Chef Benjamin Christie. We walk through the street stalls talking of fish, oysters, produce and products from all around the Pacific Rim, and Vic and Ben share their extensive culinary knowledge.

Theme Music: "Can't Hold it Down", Andy Sullivan.

The ReMARKable Palate Podcast, a production of The Gilded Fork.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ReMARKable Palate Podcast #44

#44: Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club, and Chef John Keller

Jennifer and I enjoyed a Paul Goerg Premier Cru Champagne Dinner at Bruno Jamais' Supper Club. (You can hear our interview with Paul Goerg's Mario Rinaldi on the Food Philosophy Podcast #11) We spoke first with Owner Bruno Jamais, who has worked in some of New York's finest restaurants, including Daniel, before opening his own place. Next we chatted with Chef John Keller about his inspiration for the menu, the champagne pairings, and pursuing the perfect Maryland Crab Cake. 212-396-3444

Food Safety Corner: Freezer Tips

Theme Music: "Can't Hold it Down", Andy Sullivan.

The ReMARKable Palate Podcast is a production of The Gilded Fork.

Listener Line: 646-797-3196

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

ReMARKable Palate Podcast #43

ReMARKable Palate #43: Blues and Greens

Chef Mark goes to the BBQ Block Party, and listens to the blues! Also, a report from the opening week of the Inwood Greenmarket, with short interviews with the folks at Hawthorne Valley Farms, Di Paola Turkey Farm and Eklund Farms.

Plus: A sneak peek of a champagne dinner Jennifer and I attended at the Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club.

Music: "Can't Hold It Down", by Andy Sullivan

The ReMARKable Palate Podcast, a production of The Gilded Fork.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Farmer's Market Saturday

The Inwood Greenmarket is doing a brisk business. I got some great audio for this week's podcast, which will feature brief interviews with Di Paola Turkey Farms, Hawthorne, and Eklund Farms.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ReMARKable Palate Podcast #42

ReMARKable Palate #42: Chef Benjamin Christie and Vic Cherikoff

I was recently joined by my old friend Vic Cherikoff and his business partner Chef Benjamin Christie, who were on their way to Rhode Island for a giant Clam Chowder cookoff. Benjamin tells us about his background and history as a chef, and how he met Vic and began cooking with native Australian ingredients.
(Use discount code "gildedOz" for a 10% discount on all products)

Theme Music: "Can't Hold It Down" by Andy Sullivan.

The ReMARKable Palate Podcast, a production of The Gilded Fork.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Farmer's Market Saturday Returns!

The Inwood Hill Greenmarket is back for the year, and we've got good news! The Community Board approved the market to stay open year-round. So as long as the farmer's have something to bring to us, we'll have the market every Saturday.

Most of our old favorites are back, including Hawthorne Farms, Eklund Farms, Di Paola Turkey Farms, and Madura farms, and I got some great audio from several of them, as well as Market Manager Chris Gatto for the Greenmrket report on upcoming podcasts.

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Culinary Roundtable #3

Culinary Roundtable #3: Barbecue and Grilling

It's the beginning of summer, and we're talking about barbecue and grilling! It's a subject that raises strong feelings all over America and Canada, so whether you're an afficionado of dry rubs or marinades, charcoal or gas, we have a little something for everyone. We talk about our favorite recipes, as well as which vegetables we love to grill.

So fire up the Weber, strap on your apron, and pop open a cold one as we get the summer rolling with some hot grilling!

This week our CPN members include Jennifer Iannolo of the Food Philosophy Podcast, Steve Wasser of Gastrologica, Don Genova of All You Can Eat and Chef Mark Tafoya from the ReMARKable Palate Podcast.

A Production of The Gilded Fork,

Music: "Go Fish", by Big Money Grip, from the Podsafe Music Network.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

RIP Mr. Softee

James Conway, the creator of the Mr. Softee company died in his New Jersey hometown of Ocean City today. He was 78. He created the company with his brother in 1959 in Philadephia, and the soft serve ice cream is still sold in musical trucks in 15 states.

Millions of children grew up running in glee after the Mr. Softee truck as it pumped out it's endlessly repeating yet catchy tune..

"The creamiest dreamiest soft ice cream you get from Mr Softee
For a refreshing delight supreme look for Mister Softee.
My milk shakes and my sundaes and my cones are such a treat
Listen for my store on wheels ding-a-ling down the street.
S-O-F-T double E, Mister Softee!"

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